Top 10 Places LOTR Fans Should Go

As one of the biggest LOTR fans in New Zealand, and an ex-tour guide, here are my top 10 places for LOTR fans to visit around New Zealand: 1. Hobbiton Movie Set 2. Mt Ngarahoe, Tongariro (Mount Doom) 3. Weta Workshop (Rivendell) 4. Jens Hansen (The ring maker) 5. Glenorchy & Paradise (Isengard, Lothorien Forests, Amon Hen & Misty Mountains, etc.) 6. Skippers Canyon (Arwen's River Flood) 7. Kawarau Gorge (Anduin River) 8. Mt. Sunday (Edoras, the capital of Rohan) 9. Twizel (Gondor, Battle of Pelennor Fields) 10. Fiordland National Park (Fangorn Forest)